These are my beautiful queens & studs:


Alisika Clockwork Orange "Arthur"

Arthur is the new kid on the block - he has come from my very good friend Alison Blades - Alisika Maine Coons. Can't wait to see how this lad matures.

He is a gorgeous red tabby.


Jakatta Midnight Sapphire "Wilma"

Wilma is a beautiful solid blue tortie & white tabby. Wilma has the same persona as Charlie coming from the same cattery. She’s beautiful to look at, complimented with a beautiful nature.

Alisika Scarlett O'Hara

Scarlett has come from Alisika Cattery in Nottingham. She is a stunning red tabby. This lovely lady settled in as if she had always lived here.

Romacoon Doris Day "Doris"

This little lady is my homebred solid tortie and white girl. From the moment she was born I knew she would stay - Doris is the daughter of Wilma.

Tolinka Rowena "Roo"

Roo has come from up north ~ Tolinka cattery and my good friend Charlene. Roo is a Silver Tortie, she’s a cheeky mischievous monkey who is a delight to have around.